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postheadericon Instrument Rating - Single Engine


Part 61 Instrument Pilot Training Course

Aeronautical Experience

  1. 50 hours cross-country (10 hours in airplanes)

  2. 40 hours of actual or simulated instrument time

  3. 15 hours of flight instruction from an authorized Instructor

  4. - 1 dual cross-country at least 250NM

  5. instrument approaches at each airport

  6. 3 different kind of approaches

  7. - 3 hours preparation for practical test within preceding 60 days

Additional Expenses

  1. 10 Hours of Flight Simulator Training

  2. Jeppesen Kit

  3. Ground School

  4. Written Test

  5. 2.0 hrs Ck Ride

  6. Examiners Fee

instrument flight instrument flight 


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